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Love that can overcome anything


“Their marriage was more than broken. Where they used to have passionate fights, there was only cold resignation left. The man was in love with another woman. She suited him much better. Meanwhile they shared many beautiful moments and feelings. So one night he decided to say he words: I want a divorce !”

Love is fragile. It is like a colored glass vase. Very beautiful. One sees the world in a different color. But if hit hard enough it breaks and is often no longer repairable.

But there is another kind of love that I want to introduce you to. In this blog you can get to know it and win it for yourself:

God’s love is like a diamond

“The woman agreed to the divorce, but she had one final request: For the sake of their two year old daughter she wanted to relive a time of togetherness and comfort until their divorce.
`Carry me through our bedroom door every night like you used to do after our wedding, give me a good-night kiss and then each of us can go to sleep in their own bedroom. Our daughter shall not remember a time of emotional coldness.” the wife asked.

While human love is like a glass vase, the other love is like a diamond.
The term diamond is ancient Greek :”Adamas” .Which means indestructible. There is no harder material.

This love cannot be broken.


The more violent and more often it is attacked, the stronger and bigger it will get.

A miraculous work.

Every conflict and every crisis gives this love an even more beautiful touch.
This love gives itself selflessly. It gives itself, regardless of whether the other is lovable, or not. It gives even when it experienced evil. It is stronger, than evil.

Where it comes from? How I get it?

1 John 4.7 … who does not have selfless love does not know God.
For God is selfless love.
If you have him, then you have love.

Since God is eternal and invincible, the love that comes from him is also eternal and invincible.
“The man agreed. There were two months until the divorce. This last request he would be able to fulfill, especially for his daughter.
On the first night he experienced strong feelings of rejection and coldness as he carried his wife in his arms, carried her over the threshold and gave her a goodnight kiss. His movements were like the movements of a robot.
Only his daughters sparkling eyes, her smile and cheer gave him the strength to do the same thing the next day. ”

The greater God is in your life, the greater his love is in you.
Here are three tools, how you can make this love grow in yourself:

1. The “inc remover”

I am dyslexic.

My essays used to be more red than blue when I got them back from my teacher. They were a disaster.

Guilt is like a spelling mistake – it can screw up your whole life. Your own guilt, but also the guilt of others who have hurt you.

As a child, the “inc eraser” was my salvation! I could always erase my mistakes and correct them with the blue pen.

God has given us an “inc eraser” for our soul: forgiveness!

In order to make use of God’s love, you have to make forgiveness a habit.

Forgive. Everyone. Every day and immediately.

Ask God and people for forgiveness if you hurt someone. No matter how justified your action might have been.

It goes on:

“After two weeks, the man’s feelings changed. The nightly scene was a routine and therefore the feelings of rejection and coldness were not as strong anymore. The little girl was happy every night when Daddy picked up Mommy and carried her into the bedroom to give her a goodnight kiss. The little girl was happier from week to week and that made the parents happy. ”

2. “The Frog Prince”

I used to love this fairytale as a child: Everyone runs away from the old slimy frog accept for the loving princess who bares with him and agrees to kiss him. A beautiful prince appeared.

Jesus tells a similar story:

Matthew 25, “Let me tell you. What you do for the least of you, you have done for me!”

Learn to treat every person that crosses your way lovingly and heartful!
And even more so if this person annoys you or even dissappointed you.
Because then it’s as if you love Jesus.

The clou: God’s love gets stronger if you give it despite of any resistances.

Hey, this has revolutionary power!

“After 6 weeks the man noticed that he started looking forward to this evening routine. He smelled his wife’s hair, the familiar scent. He felt her lips and remembered all the beautiful moments they experienced together. The goodnight kiss became longer and more intimate. ”

3. The Blue Rose

At a wedding I saw a bridal bouquet, which had blue roses! Hey, that looked great. I went to the bride, and asked her what kind of roses she had in her bridal bouquet. She laughed: These are ordinary white roses, I just put them in blue water overnight

Booom what a comparison!

Romans 8: 29 Those who belong to God, are also chosen to become more like his son Jesus!

Spend time with Jesus Christ. Get to know him. Read his stories. Spend more time in prayer – dealing with him will rub off on you. Just as much as his godly love will.

“It was a week before the divorce date when the man couldn’t sleep an entire night . He was constantly thinking about his wife. A new love blossomed inside of him. He saw her in a different light. During the day he decided to buy a bouquet of flowers to ask his wife whether they should give their marriage another try. Opting out of divorce.

That evening he entered the house with a big bouquet of flowers making not only his daughter and his wife, but himself happy.

Godly love comes back to you, because it comes from God.It acts as a catalyst for everything good in your life.

Become more like Jesus –

Love everyone, anytime, anywhere.



4 thoughts on “Love that can overcome anything”

  1. Kommentar Liebe Inga, wir beten gerade hier in unserer Stadt für die Ehen, dass das was Gott
    für diesen herrlichen Bund gedacht hat, wieder in uns Menschenherzen einen Platz findet.
    ER will uns so viel damit schenken.

    Vielen Dank für diesen Blog. Ich werde ihn an meine Glaubensgeschwister weiterschicken.

    Alles Liebe
    Seid gesegnet!!!!
    Heidi Jerusalem

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