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5 Corinthians-tools that I build a great togetherness with in my group.

Team, Gemeinschaft, Frieden, Teamgeist

We as THS team have been through incredibly much throughout the past 3 years, we endured, we fought and we made achievements together.

We have had 5-figure unpaid bills on the table, without knowing how to pay them.
We had to deal with difficult residents, too much work, accusations, bailiffs and many seemingly intractable problems.

We cried and laughedtogether.

I want to show you 5 Corinthians-12-tools, which will help your group, grow into a great team.

1. A sorrow shared is a sorrow halved

Our body is to be a unit in which every single part of the body serves the other. If one part of the body suffers, all suffer, and is a part honored all the others rejoice as well. 1 Corinthians 12,3

We sat on the patio of a beautiful castle in the Eifel.

Business trip.

I had spread out many calendar pictures of country sides and paintings.
Each participant picked an image which represented the most difficult crisis from his past or the present.

One after another told their story and you could have let a pin drop. It was so moving.
We prayed for each individual and our suffering became joy.
It was a strong metabolic process with a lot of energy being released.

As this is how it is written in James 1:

Rejoice about the difficulties, because they cause a gigantic glory within you.

After that day, an invisible but palpable bond was tied between us.

The bond is called trust.

Next step:

2. The common goal

Proverbs 16,4 The Lord has created all toward one goal.

Setting a common goal together, pursuing and achieving it is like having a child together.
We as THS team stood in front of our future THS-house in 2013. Reverential silence surrounded us – mixed with doubts, fears and hopes.

The location and size was perfect! But there were 3 problems:

  • First of all it was full of alcoholics and in the basement a shisha-lounge could be found filled with Turkish guys all about twice as big as me.
  • Secondly, it was a ramshackle hut from the top to the bottom.
  • And Lastly: We had no money.

For hours we talked about the advantages and disadvantages, the opportunities and difficulties until we decided: Yes, we want to have the baby. With God’s help.

The power that formed our hearts into one in that moment is indescribable.

This united heart began to beat. It drove the blood through the veins of our team.
Sometimes we saw it close to a heart attack, sometimes wildly throbbing due to all the work and sometimes jumping of joy.

It never stopped beating.

3. Common Tasks

1 Corinthians 12, 18 Therefore God gave each member of the body its special task, as he wanted it.

I recently met a man whose face was suddenly half paralyzed! One can not imagine that: His laugh was a terrible grimace. He could no longer drink normally and needed a straw.

His body no longer worked, because a very small part of him didn’t do its job correctly.

That’s exactly how a group works. If only a part of the team members fails to fulfill their responsibilities, then the goal can not be reached.

What remains is a poor grimace and to drink you need a straw.

We listed all jobs that needed to be done to achieve our goal. These tasks have been divided into regions, and distributed on the individual team members.

This was a nice help:

Aufgabenbereiche, Aufgaben, Arbeit, VerteilungI drew a car on a paper. Each team member assigned everyone, including themselves, to a part of the car.

This way the distribution of work became fun. Beautiful comparisons emerged, such as the association to first aid kit, clutch, hood ornament and the seat belt.

So everyone knew what he had to do and how he was part of divine greatness.

Now the tension rises:

4. Common Spirit

Pray as if work couldn’t help. Work as if prayer couldn’t help.

(German proverb)

Renovating 30 rooms was like climbing a steep wall. Every step cost incredible energy. Pausing was not possible. Down Look prohibited. The eyes were directed upward – the only direction that spread hope.

During the 1 ½ years, in which we renovated the house, we set up a prayer room that repeatedly moved into a new room. Then we hung up Bible verses everywhere in the house that accompanied us and set our focus on God.

Der gute Hirte, Bibel, Psalm 23, Beistand, HilfeOne of the strongest moments was when it turned out that a complete ceiling sagged. Danger of collapse. Final destination?

We prayed. We read our Bible verses aloud. Over and over again. Until our craftsmen was given an idea by God. He actually found the crucial spot in the house where the beams were rotten and replaced them with iron girders.

So our leading bible verse proved to be true:

Haggai 2: 9 The glory of this present house will be greater than the glory of the former house,’ says the LORD Almighty. And in this place I will grant peace,’ declares the LORD Almighty.

5. Celebrate Joint Achievements

1 Corinthians 12:26 is one part honored, all others shall rejoice.

God loves parties!

Publikum, Feier, Tanzen, Musik, Party, FreudeHe lets the Jews have a party every month, and he will always find a great occasion. His son Jesus is accordingly also a party animal.

Celebrations express gratitude and joy.

We have repeatedly set milestones in the 1 ½ years and had little parties when we reached them. It is wonderful. Everyone will be honored and Jesus most of all.

But the end was the crowning. You cannot imagine how delighted all of us were when the last construction dirt was finally swept out of the house and we decorated everything for our first “open door day”. It resembled a wedding preparation!

2 years of hard work, EUR 700 000 investment, over 100 workers and more than 50 containers rubble were behind us.

In addition to good food, a beautiful slideshow, praise and gifts here’s a tip on how to turn even small celebrations into a deep experience:

The praise Rain:
One by one’s turn: Everyone declares what they like about them. What they are especially good at and which experience together they enjoyed the most.
It sooths your soul like oil!

And our team in 2016?
We love each other more than ever and can not imagine working without the team.

You can experience the same. Begin with the people surrounding you. Go every step from top to bottom PATIENTLY (it takes at least one year for a team to really grow together!) And realize:

With God and with a strong team, nothing is impossible.

Do you have any questions? Leave them at the bottom of the comment section -. I am happy to answer you.


5 thoughts on “5 Corinthians-tools that I build a great togetherness with in my group.”

  1. Amazing job u guys are doing
    Glad to know u as our friends.
    Would love to see u oneday again in india.
    Would it be possible u can send more students
    This August we run school of Holy Spirit.
    keep us in your prayers

    1. Hi Charles,

      it´s so great to hear from you!!! I love all your pics from your kids – it is so wonderful!

      Hope, we will sie us again!

      Love und Hugs from germany

  2. Amazing job u guys are doing
    Glad to know u as our friends.
    Would love to see u oneday again in india.
    Would it be possible u can send more students
    This August we run school of Holy Spirit.
    keep us in your prayers

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