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How can I bring about change – the “first-7-then-8 problem”


A little whila ago I got a call from a woman I didn’t know, she had seen some of the videos I make. She was asking me for help because she is suffering from a trauma and has therefore been unable to work for the past couple of years.

200 hours of hypnosis have completely messed with her mind. I asked her about some details of her life and found out that she hasn’t had any contact with her children in years and that her husband commited suicide several years ago.

She wished for nothing more but her life to return to Gods wanted order.

I briefly explained to her what a life with God looks like:

A. The Bible is the guideline of my life

This is when she mentioned her first objection:

“I’m careful with the Bible! I’ve heard that there are many translation errors in it. “

B. I am part of a Christian church in order to grow in my faith and have community with other christians.

“No, I don’t do that! I don’t want to be manipulated by other people!”

I didn’t get very far with my points.

Afterwords I told her that without these divine ordinances a life in the divine order can’t be possible. Obviously.

She protested: “Well that’s your opinion – but not mine! I’m a good person and I lead a good life. I pray a lot and regularly go to church (when there’s nobody else there!). ”

She wanted a simple healing prayer.

“Spontaneous healings – happen very often!”

This is when the phone call ended.

  1. Do you want to change something in your life?

Your environment? Your spouse? Your children? Your boss? Your work? Your weight?

Then you must be willing to change YOURSELF.

Jesus was less interested in the fact that people are healthy, but that they lead a “healthy LIFE” – that is, Without sin.

John 5,14 Then Jesus found him (who was sick before) in the temple, and said to him, Behold, thou art made whole; Sin no longer …

and then:

“That you do not experience something worse.”

Oups. That’s straight forward!

The first thing Jesus preached in public was not:

“God loves you as you are. He changes you and you do not have to do anything for it! ”


Matthew 4, 17 Since that time Jesus began to preach: Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand.

Yes, he also preached, “Come unto me, which ye are laborious and laden, I will refresh you.” (Matthew 11: 28)

But that is only half the truth. There is something missing.

“Learn from me, for I am meek and humble. Take my yoke upon you, for my yoke is gentle, and my burden is easy. “

If you are not ready to change and take Jesus as role model for your life, do not try to change your environment – you’ll just make it worse.

You think you’re ready?

Then only one question remains:

  1. What do I have to change?

If you have a chronic cough and smoke then eating more fruit won’t help you – even though it’s very healthy. The real problem is that you smoke. You have to stop smoking if you don’t want to cough anymore.

This is how simple God has made life.

If you want your partner to change, treat him affectionately and don’t let a single dissatisfied, critical word cross your lips. Instead praise him three times a day for something he does or is. Keep that up for one year and your partner will change.

If you want to be slim and fit eat an apple every morning, a small plate of warm, healthy food for lunch and a small salad in the evening. YOU give up sweets and snacking. In addition you go jogging for 30 minutes every other day. Keep it up for 6 months and you’ll lose a lot of weight and be in great shape!

If you want success in your job talk to three people who do the same job as you  but are much more successful than you are. Ask them to help you find out what you’re weaknesses are. What are you doing well, what could be better. Then, you work very hard on these weaknesses every other day for one year. Once a week you talk to one of the successful people on the phone and tell them what you did well and what wasn’t so good.. After one year you will notice a drastic difference.

Perhaps now you’re thinking: I’ve already tried that but nothing changed

Or: That’s too hard for me.

Or: Well..then I don’t need God anymore ….

Hm, then you have a real problem.

3. You have the “first-7-then-8-problem”!

The “first-7-then-8 problem” is very widespread – especially in the western world.

The following is the problem:

We humans all want to lead a good and happy life. Deep inside this is probably the greatest goal of mankind. We do almost everything for it. Billions of dollars are spent on this goal. Doctors, books, seminars and plenty of other stuff.

Therefore we love verses like in Proverbs 3: 8: He heals and invigorates your whole body, you feel well and healthy.

There are thousands of calendars and cards with Bible verses about Gods blessings.

The problem is verse 7 before verse 8!

We don’t like those verses AT ALL and thus try to dismantle them theologically so that they dissolve. Best dissolve into NOTHING.

Gods blessing doesn’t cost anything. All free. We do NOT have to do anything. CONFIDENTIAL BLESSING.

Yes, the love of God is indeed unconditional but we receive his blessing only when we read and live verse 8 on the basis and sequence of verse 7.

But that is our problem. Verse 7 is sooooo hard. We do ALMOST everything in order to be happy. As soon as we reach our deepest ego we give up. Our ego is our biggest problem.

“I mean..I can’t NOT say something when my partner behaves awfully! With him / her there is nothing to praise – I don’t want to lie! “

It’s even worse when I think I’m not nagging at all and I always love him the way he is. But if you recorded me for a day an objective observer would instantly know that I criticize all the time and that I constantly have an annoyed undertone in my voice.

This is called false self-perception.

“I just want to treat myself to something once in a while … I really don’t eat a lot . I just gain wait from looking at food! “

“I already work 12 hours a day – more is impossible. I’ve tried everything! ”

So what does verse 7 say ?

Proverbs 3.7 Do not think yourself wise; Obey God, and avoid evil.


It is evil when I have bad thoughts about others, when I go to court, accuse, dispute. If I dislike my work because it doesn’t meet me or the people I work with are stupid. Or if I don’t work at all any more because I think I’m too good to work.

For each area of your life there is a godly order which ensures a healthy life.

7 before 8.

Without 7 no 8.

How long do I have to live the 7 until I experience you, 8?

Hebrews 10, “Patience is necessary to receive the promise of God and to do His will.”

Well, that is the next problem: You have to obey to Gods order with lots of patience.

If I plant an apple tree today I have to wait very patiently and take care of the plant in order to be able to pick apples from it in a couple of years.

It took me 6 months of working-out and eating well to get into shape so that I feel comfortable in my body again.

I took 4 years to get the THS academy to a point where I don’t have to work what feels like every night and day and reach financial independence.

In my marriage it took almost 20 years of choosing love, service and giving up expectations to lead a marriage in which we are both really happy and relaxed. And we are not finished yet.

Almost nothing important will work without patience.

  1. But what do I need God for ?

I could also ask: If I buy, plant, and cultivate the seeds, why do I need God?

God gives the growth. Without him, all efforts are in vain. He gives the blessing and the fruit to your doing.

In God lays the wisdom and order that helps you do the right thing in every situation.

He does the impossible when you do what’s possible to you.

He gives you strength when you don’t have any strength left. He fights for you when you can not fight anymore.

He will give you grace if you have not adhered to the divine orders and will help you get back on the right path. He is the beginner and perfector of your faith.


Then it’s your turn now: Which “7 before 8” -Verse do you know and what is your opinion on the topic?

Kind regards,



7 thoughts on “How can I bring about change – the “first-7-then-8 problem””

  1. Ein theologisch sehr wertvoller Gedanke! Leider werden wirklich viele Verheißungen aus Ihren Kontext gerissen und verlieren meiner Meinung nach auch ihre Kraft in der Anwendung, wenn man Immer nur die “halbe Wahrheit” hört; Sollten sich viele Prediger zu Herzen nehmen 🙂

    1. Hallo Sora,
      Danke für dein Feedback! Ich finde es super zu erleben, wie du in deinen Predigten die Bibel als Grundlage nimmst und dein “Schwert” immer wieder damit schärfst!
      Gemeinsam für Jesus

  2. das 7/8 Problem
    Jesaja 58 hat bei mir eingeschlagen wie eine Granate. Nie hat eine Bibelstelle mich so sehr hingerissen:
    (falsches Fasten etc..) das aber ist ein Fasten an dem ich meine Freude habe:
    – lass los, die du mit Unrecht gebunden hast (zB. Vergebung.. ?!)
    – brich dem Hungrigen dein Brot
    – wenn du einen nackt siehst, dann kleide ihn
    – entziehe dich nicht deinem Fleisch und Blut (d.h. allg. Barmherzigkeit besonders ggü. den Fremden, Armen !?), niemanden unterjochen, nicht mit Fingern zeigen…

    DANN: (und jetzt ein ganzes Feuerwerk an Verheissungen)
    – wird dein Licht hervorbrechen wie die Morgenröte
    – deine Heilung wird schnell voranschreiten (Heilung ganzheitlich, nicht etwa bloss eine Bandscheibe..)
    – deine Gerechtigkeit wird vor dir hergehen,
    – du wirst rufen und der Herr wird dir antworten.
    – wenn du schreist, wird er sagen “siehe, hier bin ich”
    – dann wird dein Licht in der Finsternis aufgehen
    – du wirst sein wie ein bewässerter Garten und wie eine Wasserquelle, der es nie an Wasser fehlt
    – du wirst wieder aufrichten, was vorzeiten gegründet ward
    – du sollst heißen: “Der die Lücken zumauert und Wege ausbessert”
    [text gekürzt, Luth.2017]

    WOOOW !! Wo sonst findet man soviele Verheissungen auf einmal?
    Das liest sich geradeso wie eine Kausalbeziehung “wenn A dann B”. Aber so einfach ist es wohl nicht. Man kann sich in der Bibel nicht “Rosinen rauspicken” was einem genehm erscheint und alles andere ignorieren. So wie Heilung ja die ganzheitliche Beziehung mit Gott meint, und nicht etwa bloss die Wiederherstellung einer verrutschten Bandscheibe.
    Liege ich richtig? Beim letzten Punkt “der die Lücken zumauert” war ich mir nicht mehr ganz sicher ob ich noch persönlich gemeint bin. Es gibt eine andere Stelle “die alten Trümmer wieder aufbauen” (denke auch Jesaja), unser HK interpretiert sie so, daß es immer wieder vorkommt, daß wir und andere vor Trümmern stehen, die es wiederaufzubauen gilt. Und so ist auch der letzte Vers zu verstehen. richtig?

    1. Lieber Hermann,
      Danke für deine starken Gedanken! Ich bin auch immer wieder begeistert, wie reich und voll die Bibel an Lebensanweisungen und Verheissungen ist. Ich sehe das genauso wie du. Da gibt es immer wieder kausale Zusammenhänge und wir sollten unser Kraft da hinein investieren, unser Leben nach Jesus auszurichten!
      Gemeinsam für Jesus und gesegnete Weihnachten Inga

  3. Hallo inga.
    Ich lese immer wieder deinen Blog und providiere davon. Diesen 7 vor 8 Blog will ich mir “hinter die Ohren schreiben” und in meinem Alltag umsetzen. Ich arbeite mit psych.kranken Menschen und führe viele seelsorgerliche Gespräche. Da stehe ich in der Gefahr es den Leuten lei hter machen zu wollen, was aber keinen Erfolg bringt. Danke für die klaren wahren in Liebe geschriebenen Worte.
    Mit schwesterlichen gruss Michaela

    1. Hallo Michaela,
      Danke für dein Feedback. Ich kenne deine Situation sehr gut …. ich wünschte sehr oft, ich könnte es Menschen einfacher machen – aber das wäre halt nicht das Beste für sie. Deshalb ist es für ich auch immer wieder eine Übung, mich Jesus anzuschliessen 🙂
      Gottes reichen Segen und Weisheit bei deiner Arbeit –
      liebe Grüsse

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