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3 brand new ways how you can hear Gods voice


I  hear this over and over again: “I can not hear God!” – “Yes, I’ve experienced it, but it’s broadcasting brake right now. Do I even need that?” “I’m not the type for that.”

Excuse me people, what I read in the Bible sounds differently. Here God communicates regularly with his people. And Jesus even asserts that he speaks in such a way that his people can understand him:

John 10: “My sheep hear my voice!”

Are you too stupid? Or too sinful?

No. You can’t be dumber than a sheep and your sin is what Jesus died for. It is no longer between you and God.

I will reexplain the basic ways that God communicates with his people and give you exercises which are completely different from what you know. I have tested them and speaking from my experience they were great.

God speaks through the Bible!

Why should I believe that the Bible is really basically a letter of God to us humans, in which we can get to know him?

There are many religious books, and every book claims to depict the true picture of God.

Yes, there are many religious books and many different religions.

Let’s look at Mohammed, for example. He wrote the Koran within three years. Muhammadans are firmly convinced that their religion is the true depiction of God.

What is different about the Bible?

Imagine you have to write a book about God over a period of more than 1500 years, with the help of 40 different authors from different social classes, groups and continents. The book is supposed to follow a red line all the way trough and give a structured and clear picture of this God from beginning to end – it is hardly possible!

If you should make it, a great part of mankind would be against it for many years because it’s so overly successful, therefore your book is prosecuted and burnt.

It is impossible that your book will not only exist after 1500 years of writing and 1500 years of massive hostility, but is still a world wide bestseller, right?

It would be impossible if there wasn’t an intelligent and almighty authority that held the world in his hand. The God who describes  himself in this book and gives us humans insight in his divine worldy order.

Curious ? Well you can test this claim aswell.

In the beginning  the Bible is somewhat difficult to understand, just like an Apple manual, for example. I have to ask a specialist in order to understand some of the technical terms. In addition, I must understand the story as a whole, which will then allow me to interpret a smaller event correctly. In short: You’ll have to spend some time with this book.

But whether you’re a bloody beginner or an advanced learner, if you read in the Bible regularly, it will be a great treasure chest for you to win your daily soul food from.

Exercise 1:

For one week, spend a couple of minutes each day reading in the Bible. Before, ask God to give you the right understanding of his words. If you’re the  practical type, start with the gospel of Luke if you’re rather the intelectual type, start withe gospel of John.Read as long you please. Okay, this is nothing new, I konw.

But I’m sure this is: While reading you put yourself in God’s place and note down: What would you have done? How would you have reacted? What would have felt and thought? This is where it get’s exciting.

You will and are allowed to be angry as well as confused. Some passages will fill you with joy and you will recognize truly who God is and how he differs from you.

It’s like getting to know a person more closely and truly seeing their heart. Accept here it is God who personally shows himself to you.

What if I already know the Bible quite well and this exercise is plain boring to me and doesn’t help me at all?

No problem. It’s like making a teenager talk to his parents about deeper life questions. He won’t like it. Most of the time he already knows what his parents are going to say anyway. My advice to you:

Take the proverbs and write down a verse that you like on a sheet of paper and hang it over your mirror or desk.That’ll revive everything a bit!

Once you know some of the letter that God has written to us, you will start to understand when he is talking to you, even without it.

God talks to you through the Holy Spirit within you.

Through Jesus the Spirit of God has come to men. The Bible says that if you believe in Jesus and entrust him with your life, you will receive the Spirit of God. He dwells in your soul.

If you pray to God, or moreover speak to him, you can hear his voice through your “inner voice”.

How do you know that it is the Spirit of God speaking and not your own voice?

You’ll learn to distinguish. Just like a baby slowly learns to talk to his mother you’ll learn to talk to God and hear his voice WITHIN YOU. In the beginning you’ll be unsure but later you will hear him very clearly.

Exercise 2:

Write a dialogue with God for each day of the week. Write a dialogue with God every day for a week. Ask God to help you understand his voice. Then write a question to him and then write a reply as if you gave it to yourself. Just do it spontaneously. You put the words in “God’s mouth”, in a way. Then you write down your answer again and so on..

This exercise often takes some time. It’s not working the first time? Then read in the Bible again and try it over the next day. If you stay tuned, at least for a week, you will be successful and that’s going to be awesome, believe me.

God also has another “phone number” for you:

 God speaks through other people!

God created you in a way that you can only exist in community with other people. This begins with reproduction and then goes on throughout your whole life. One person alone can hardly survive, if not at all.

Community with others is a great invention because that’s where love and creativity develop .

That is why God loves to speak to you through other people!

How does that work?

The Bible says that God has given us spiritual gifts through his spirit. With the help of this spirit I can heal the sick, solve mental illnesses and receive prophetic impressions. Exciting, huh?

This is a matter of exercise aswell. If you are part of a church, you can practice it within this community.

Therefore, my HOT advice: Be part of a church or a community of Christians with whom you regularly meet to grow in your faith.

Sometimes it happens that another Christian comes to you and says that God told him something about you. It can knock you of your feet. In have received the craziest prophecies from other people in my life which still turn out to be true to this day.

But you do not have to wait for a Christian to come to you. You can also simply ask a Christian, of whom you know that he has a strong connection with God. You can also write him a mail (I have done this  many times, mostly with success). Just describe your situation or question to him and ask him to pray and ask God for a prophecy for yourself. Sometimes it is a picture, sometimes words of God and sometimes simply a Bible verse.

You can even ask several people at the same time. God gives gladly. If we want something really specific, we just have to ask.

Caution: He does not always give us everything the way we want. But always in a way that it is good for us and for the people around us.

Exercise 3:

For one week; think of a question each day that you really want God to answer. Send this question to 3 Christians via mail or text. Ask them to pray to God for an answer for you. Then wait for the response. Have lots of fun with it!

Through these three exercises you will learn to hear God’s voice, but here the most important thing:

If we are merely the listeners of God’s word but fail to implement it, we are fools!

It is only when you do what God has told you to that you will experience the circle of blessings that results from it.

And now it’s your turn: questions? Own experiences? Then leave a comment and we’ll learn about it together.

Greetings from Jesus to you –

Yours sincerely,


8 thoughts on “3 brand new ways how you can hear Gods voice”

  1. Hi ich hoffe dass man mir hier Helfen kann. Ich möchte lernen Gott zu hören und zu wissen wie er über mich denkt und wie sauer er auf mich ist bzw. Enttäuscht. Ich bete zwar zu Gott, kann aber leider keine Antwort erkennen. Ich bitte einen der Christen die eine starke Verbindung zu Gott haben, Ihn darüber zufragen. Ich wäre euch sehr dankbar wenn ich eine Antwort auf die Fragen hätte.
    Ich möchte ich kennenlernen und mich von meinen Sünden lossagen. Ich möchte mein Leben in Gottes Hände legen. Ich habe Ihm einiges schlimmes gesagt in meiner Vergangenheit, ihn für bestimmte Sachen verantwortlich gemacht. Meine Frage wäre folgende, hab ich noch eine Chance von Gott errettet zuwerden. Und meine nächste Frage ist, Wiedner mir jemals verzeihen können, das ich seinen Namen verschmutzt habe und sogar Hilfe beim teufel Teufel gesucht habe, weil ich mir nicht mehr anders zu helfen wusste.
    Es wäre wirklich sehr lieb wenn ihr ihn Mal fragt und mir eine Antwort von Gott geben könntet.
    Die Tipps die hier stehen werde ich versuchen.

    1. Hallo Tobias,

      unser Gott ist ein Gott der Liebe! Liebe bedeutet Vergebung. Das heißt, dass Gott sich nach dir sehnt und eine lebendige Beziehung zu dir haben möchte. Du bist ein Kind Gottes und er wird dich niemals verstoßen.
      Er wird auch im Gebet zu dir persönlich sprechen. Darauf darfst du vertrauen.
      Wir beten, dass du ausdauern bist und und lernst, seine Stimme zu verstehen 🙂

      Liebe Grüße,
      dein THS-Team

  2. Sind da wirklich solcherlei Rituale notwendig, um mit Gott zu sprechen? Ist Gott wirklich so kompliziert?
    Unseren Schöpfer um Rat und Hilfe zu bitten, geht sicher auch nur mit:
    Bitte hilf mir…..!
    Gruß Klaus

    1. Hallo Prinz Michael,
      das freut mich aber sehr von dir zu hören! Ich habe viel mehr ÜBER dich gehört, als direkt VON dir 🙂 Vielleicht sehen wir uns ja mal? Du wohnst ja direkt um die Ecke.
      Herzliche Grüsse und gesegnetes Jahr 2017

  3. Frage: bei Übung 3: Was ist da genau gemeint? Ist gemeint dass die drei Bekannten dir die Antwort Gottes selbst schreiben (also das was sie als solche erachten) oder ist es so dass die Kontakte darum bitten sollen dass Gott es dir selbst sagt?

    1. Hallo Peter,
      das Erste! Du bittest eine Person, dass sie für dich Gottes Stimme hört. Das ist wirklich sehr spannend und ich habe super gute Erfahrungen damit gemacht.
      Wenn du es mal ausprobierst, würde ich mich über deinen Erfahrungsbeitrag freuen.
      Herzliche Grüsse Inga

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