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How do I bring somebody to Jesus?

How do I bring somebody to JesusIt is sooo sad that so many christians have never won anyone for Jesus even though it is, in my opinion; the best thing ever!

Why is it so difficult?

Imagine a millionair tried to sell you a million dollars! Huh, sounds weird, right? How can I sell money? That’s nonsense. When I sell you 5 dollars, I’ll ask you to pay me 5 dollars back because that’s how much it’s worth.

Plus: Somebody that promises me a million dollars is kind of suspicious to me.

That’s a problem.

God is my biggest treasure and I want to give this treasure to someone else. It’s the treasure of a fulfilled life. But actually that can’t be given to someone. I know that and other people realise that aswell. It costs you your life and that is of great price.

And anyway: A fulfilled life? That’s supposed to exist? Scepticism.

The faith in God is of great cost but it brings a real, priceless abundance with it. And everybody can experience this. First hand.

That is what I have to make clear to a person.

But how? Here are 4 simple steps:

1. Your credability

You have to show your credability.

Credability is nothing else than trust in these 3 points:

  1. You’re an expert in your subject
  2. You use the “product” in your own life
  3. You wish the other only the best

How do you prove these 3 points?

In my opinion, many people think of this to complicated. They think that you need to get to know a christian over several months or even years, must have helped him a couple of times in a practical way and then wait for him/her to realise that she wants the “product”, thus God.

I’ll just say it honestly, that’s nuts! If not even sinful or more: It ruins peoples lives because they don’t have the chance to get to know their saviour. Nor Jesus or any of his apostels did it this way.

Jesus and the apostels usually only needed between one or two hours to “sell” people the gospel. Good message: You don’t need any longer. And the “client” doesn’t need to be a good friend – you don’t only go shopping at good friends either, right? Sometimes it can even be a hindrance because in the beginning friends should be friends, not salesmen.

So, how do I show my credability in 10 minutes?

By explaining it. With words.

Me:” Hey, what’s your name?…Where are you from?… Great to meet you!..How has your day been?”

(It could sound awkward but just trust in the lord to give you the right words. Jesus even promises this:

Matthew 10: Do not worry about what to say or how to say it. At that time you will be given what to say, for it will not be you speaking, but the Spirit of your Father speaking through you.

By this you’re showing that you’re interested in the other person and that you want good for them.

My name is Inga and I have been a passionate christian for the past 30 years. It brought my life to a completely new level, I never want to live without God anymore.

( In these two sentences I showed that I myself am customer aswell as an expert )

So, it can cost you a couple of truly interested questions and about 2 more sentences, to show your credability and authenticity.

If you want to know if Jesus used these methods then you should read the conversation between Jesus and the Samaritan in John 10. It’s amazing!

He’s my absolute role model!

So, now let’s get to the point though: The person is supposed to get to know Jesus and give him his life.

2. C&B : Characteristics and benefits of the christian faith

Okay, I’ll admit, I used to be really annoying about this part. I thought I had to explain everything. Beginning with Adam and Eve, over Jesus, deamons; church, revelation, paradise to hell. I talked so much that I’m honestly surprised that so many people gave their life to Jesus.

But at the same time you should take that as an encouragement: Even if your explanation is bad the holy spirit can still work through you! For sure!

When doesn’t the Holy Spirit work?

If you don’t say anything at all.

But okay, I have learned a lot. The gospel doesn’t need more than 10 minutes but it may take 1-2 hours if the other person is willing to give you that much time.

First important insight: You don’t have to explain the whole story between God and men plus your own story and all of the commandments.

The two follwing facts are enough:

– What are the three most important characteristics of your God?

– What benefits does God have for the person you’re talking to?


This is what that could look like:

Me:” Would you be willing to experience that God for 5 minutes?”

(5 minutes? I can experience him? Wow,ok…I have time for that!)

The God that I believe in has created this earth and more particularly you. He created you with a plan in mind. He really wants a good and deep relationship with you in which you can talk to him.

If he talked to you right now, what question would you ask him?

Person:” Hmm..well, why is there so much suffering in the world?”

Me:”Very good question- the Bible talks about it a lot and it’s probably our biggest question to God.”

There are two reasons:

– God has created men with a free will, so that we may be an equal counterpart which can knowingly turn to or away from God.

– Aside from God something bad exists. The Bible calls it Satan. Satan wants to destroy Gods creation.

Now, men have decided very early: “I don’t want a God above me- I want to be my own master – I want to decide on my own what is good and bad.

With this decision we turned away from God and as there is no “neutral zone” we automatically ended up in, what we call, evil.

How do I know that “evil” is an independent power?

The Bible has a nice explanation: For I have the desire to do what is good, but I cannot carry it out. For I do not do the good I want to do, but the evil I do not want to do—this I keep on doing. ( Romans 7)

This serves to illustrate that evil really appeals to us, even if we don’t want it to, we can get caught in it.

You probably know that feeling, right?

And that’s exactly why pain exists. I assume that 80% of all suffering is caused directly by humans. Even the other 20% of natural catastrophes and diseases can indirectly be caused by humans through bad habits and environmental pollution.

What do you think about it?

(Important: When you’ve talked about something for a while, ask the other person how they feel about it before going over to the next topic)

Me:” So what is the sollution? What kind of solution should God have in your opinion?”

(It is so nice to not always have to give all the answers yourself. Let someone else tell you what they would do if they where in Gods place and be surprised.)

Person: ” Umm..I would tell the people to do what I told them. But I would talk in a way that they would hear me!”

Me:”Exactly!! That’s exactly what God does. That’s why he sent Jesus. So that he can set the whole thing with God straight. Jesus is standing up for all of our failure. So much went wrong and we need liberty from all the bad things. That is what Jesus does. Aswell as showing us how God imagined us humans to be.

AND: Today God is telling you this through me!”

At this part your opposite will probably be rather quiet. All of this is probably completely new to him. He needs some time and you should give it to him.

Questions like “What do you think about that?” can be helpful.

Let him sort out his thoughts without talking about it again right away. Let him let go of his thoughts. That way he’s open and ready to take the next step: Experiencing God even more personal.

3. The practical implementation

Offer a practical implementation or a “Call to Action”!

You can experience God!

Here I have two options to offer:

– You can start talking to God daily. Start sharing your thoughts and problems with him. You will notice that there is somebody there and that you’re not talking to a wall. You can simply ask him for help and you will experience that he answers.

– can pray for you now. You will feel Gods presence.

A little while ago I prayed for a waiter in a restaurant. He was paralyzed on one side and looked really bitter while he was walking around serving beers.

I just went up to him and asked him whether I could pray for him, because I believe in a God who can heal.

It was heavenly! He was very touched and made clear that he was really paralyzed because of a stroke and didn’t just have a cold or something that would be easier to heal.

I then started praying while the other guests in the restaurant were watching me curiously. Unfortunately he wasn’t healed spontaniously but his face was beaming with happiness. He thanked me several times and I could feel Gods presence.

I explained to him that he should just start talking to God and reading in the Bible.

He nodded and told me that he will try it at home.

You really have to try this dear people! It’s almost a little bit like swimming. The first time a little kid is supposed to go in the water it yells and fights. Once it’s been in the water 3 or 4 times it usually doesn’t want to get out any more. It’s the same when you bring people to Jesus.

Jump in! At least 4 times. And then enjoy bathing in it. Regularly.

Please leave your questions and comments in the comment section – I’m looking forward to them.

Yours sincerely,


8 thoughts on “How do I bring somebody to Jesus?”

  1. Liebe Inga,
    Ich freue mich sehr über deinen Bericht. Die Frage habe ich schon damals in Nürnberg bei deinem Besuch gehabt und nun habe ich die Antwort! Danke.
    Dennoch muss ich gestehen, dass ich aktuell tierische Angst habe zu Schwimmen (deinen Metapher ist spitze!), obwohl ich schon Menschen zu Jesus führen durfte. Ja, es ist himmlisch. Meine Angst lähmt mich. Ich freue mich also auf einen Durchbruch. Dein Beitrag hilft dabei.

    1. Liebe Sarah,

      danke für deine Rückmeldung. Ich denke, wir haben alle immer wieder Angst, zu schwimmen! Aber Gott wird uns auch immer wieder den Mut und die LIEBE geben, dieses Angst zu überwinden. Laß uns gemeinsam springen 🙂 Deine Inga

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