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Just studying theory? No thanks


Name: Samuel Johann

Age: 23

family status :single

education: secondary school diploma

apprenticeship in public administration

1. What are your strengths and weaknesses?

Organising, I love community and sports

2. How were you influenced by your parents and your home?

– my parents showed me a living faith in God

– my parents showed me how to work

– my parents were consequent in their decisions

3. When and how did you come to Jesus? When did you decide to become a pastor? Was there a certain turning-point?

I grew into my faith through my parents, youth-group and retreats. I didn’t have a certain point of conversion.

So far I haven’t been doing this program in order to become a pastor. Throughout the last years God just brought me here step for step.

Everything started with the idea to do a short year of bible study and then go back to work.

But God brought me to THS and now I’m exited to see where he is going to lead me after these 3 years.

4. Aren’t you afraid that you will lead a boring and exhausting life as a pastor? Renunciation, high moral standards, always annoying people or maybe even unemployment?

No! I’m not afraid because God promised us to take care of us!

5. Can’t you build Gods kingdom just as effectively as an entrepreneur or a politician?

Yes, you can!

6. At THS you are getting a realistic insight into the everyday life of a pastor – what does that look like? WHat do you like especially about it and what do you disklike?

You have more time to invest yourself into your church but at the same time you have to watch out that you don’t only focus on the church and lose contact to the christians.

7. What is essential to learn for an ongoing pastor?

Spending time with God.

Saying No and time management.

8. Many pastors dream of a big awakening and church growth and were disappointed. Some even dropped out. Why do you think that is?

From the outside there are many different reasons but looking at it spiritually,

Satan doesn’t find joy in the foundation of new churches and he will do everything to fight against church growth.

9. Why did you decide to study at THS and not at a different university?

Because it’s close to my home, the Hunsrueck, and I want to build Gods kingdom there. I also like the dual system, I can’t imagine doing purely theoretical Theology studies.

10. If you had to imagine a typical weel of your life in 10 years- you can be creative – what would it look like?

Monday- Free, family day

Tuesday- work in the administration, time to form connections in the area

wednesday- half day in the administration and small group

thursday- work in the administration and family time

friday- preparation and in the evening youth group

saturday- evangelization and prepatory meeting

sunday- sermon and family time

What is your calling from God?

– being a fulltime, not a half time christian


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