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What is the difference?


1. Train leaders in your organization with the 3×3 DUAL concept 2.5 days a week.

In historic Germany, only a master could train an apprentice. To become a master, he had to prove that he could run a business. Training is a personal process where you impact someone with your life. The THS-Training process consists of 3 years. In this time, our staff helps your church or organization to focus on 9 specific areas of character, skills and multiplication.


2. Send the Apprentice for BA studying part- time with THS-Academy, 3 days a week.

Theology and practical Training go together. We work with pastors, theologians and business people to create a „startup“ atmosphere. There are no correspondence-courses. THS-Academy is always in close proximity to where your church or organization is located. By doing this, the Apprentice can stay in their environment and study at the same time. The credits are issued by NCIU


3. After 3 years, plant new churches or enlarge your staff.

You have a plan from God for what your organization/church should do. During the 3 years of Apprenticeship, you will get to know your apprentice very well. In return, he or she will know your church/organization very well. What better opportunity to start something new, like hiring the apprentice to be a part of your staff, and in turn begin training a new apprentice.

We know that you are gving your BEST everyday, therefore:

We are here to make your job easier

Inga and Tom Haase

Ready to become a pastor?


Over 70% of Pastors

Leave ministry within the first 10 years after their training! This is infuriating. Theoretical education in a Bible school is often not enough to prepare young leaders for pastoral ministry. How can we change this? We have found a way…

Our vision

We want to empower people to establish and grow churches, lead people, preach with authority, and nurture a deep relationship with Jesus. We want to see people learn to love and be content no matter their circumstances.

Our students and the placement churches are so enthusiastic about this dual concept and the 3×3 training program, that we have rapidly expanded in the last year. THS has 3 locations in Germany and 1 location in Kenya. We plan to open additional locations in Germany and beyond in the coming years.

With the THS degree the Apprentices could work as:

  • Senior Pastor
  • Youth Pastor
  • Co-Pastor
  • Missionary


The tuition fee for students is 260 USD/month. This will cover all lessons including tests.  For one year it will add up to 3120 USD. An additional fee of 800-1000 USD is due for the BA thesis. We thank NCIU for hosting our program. The fee does not include books, food and housing. (Coffee is always complementary :-)) The placement church has to match this costs (260 USD/month). The student will work there 20 h per week.

The History

Since 1995, Tom and Inga Haase have founded churches in Germany and trained leaders. In 2011, Inga Haase started the THS Academy with a focus on educating young people for pastoral ministry. In doing so, she transferred the German simultaneous training system of masters and apprentices to pastoral education. There are 9 core disciplines that Jesus taught his disciples. Because of this, THS pastors are trained in a parallel system with a placement church and an academy-setting. This method is called the 3×3 Concept.

Since our beginning, 45 pastors have been trained by THS. Many of these pastors work in existing organizations or have established new churches.

Inga M. Haase

Born: 1967
Married to Tom Haase
Three children: Raphael, Ricarda and Rachel

Education/Occupation: Pastor (Foursquare Germany)
Theological Studies: (Los Angeles- Fuller Theological Seminary and Life Bible College Mainz- Johannes Gutenberg Universität, Frankfurt- Goethe-Universität)

Professional Experience

1995: Founder and planter of “enChristo church” in Mainz with her husband, Tom, and her brother, Jan.
2001: Founder and planter of the “Christusgemeinde” in Gau-Algesheim (2001) with her husband Tom
2010: Foundation of THS Academy for Pastoral Leaders e.V. in Bingen am Rhein

“If someone meets Jesus while hearing and understanding the Gospel – whether at church or in a face to face conversation – and you can feel the sky touching the earth and a heart being touched by God’s magnificent, universal love, it’s all I need in life to be happy!” Inga M. Haase

Tom Haase

Born: 1965
Married to Inga Haase
Three children: Raphael, Ricarda and Rachel
Occupation/Education: Pastor (Foursquare Germany), Designer, Banker
Professional Experience
1991: Establishing “Art&Weise” Advertising company
1995: Establishing the “enChristo church” in Mainz with his wife, Inga
2001: Establishing the “Christusgemeinde” in Gau-Algesheim (2001) with his wife Inga
2007-2015: Board member and Regional Supervisor in “Foursquare Germany”
2014: Study Director at THS Academy for Pastoral Leaders e.V. in Bingen am Rhein.
2015: Establishing Fashion Label “Menashion“.


Real learning begins by putting it into practice …

From Thursday to Sunday, the apprentices are trained in a Placement Church. Currently, the THS Academy cooperates with numerous churches in various regions.

Your church can also become a Placement Church!

The Placement Church undertakes the task to personally train a young leader with the accredited 3 × 3 program. This ensures intensive support for the apprentice. The 3 × 3 program contains of 3 areas, each with 3 disciplines.


1. I love God with my heart

2. My love attracts people.

3. I am happy.


4. I preach with authority.

5. I easily overcome crises and conflicts.

6. I constantly pursue my goal.


7. I lead people to Jesus.

8. My participants lead people to Jesus.

9. I bring forth leaders.



From Monday to Wednesday, the student´s foundation will deepen in theological teaching. We put a high importance on excellent teaching – both in the selection of the teachers, as well as in the curriculum.

Along with high-caliber teachers with theological degrees, Students get taught by successful, Christian leaders from the business world as well as churches. We welcome them from different denominational backgrounds.

The THS Academy cooperates with the NCIU University (New Covenant International University) for the theological study program. The THS courses correspond to an international bachelor‘s degree and are accredited at this level.

We do not form scholars and Pharisees, but true followers of Jesus. The goal of the study is a deep understanding of God‘s work in the world.


Then someone came, who did not know – and did it anyways.

The Facts:

  • The training lasts 3 years and is facilitated by a Placement Church.
  • The lectures take place in 3 blocks of 10 weeks per year, 3 days a week, in a classroom setting.
  • The training is designed as a „full-time program“.
  • The degree is a Bachelor of Theology at New Covenant Int. University in Florida. (NCIU)
  • The program costs 200 USD for the student AND 250 USD for the Placement Church.
  • School and Church Placement are within driving distance.
  • THS is non-denominational
  • Start:

  • We want to begin training in the USA in September 2018. We are looking for Placement Churches, teachers, and students willing to take part in this exciting journey.
  • Do you want to be an instructor or student? Contact us and register for our „Come-and-See-Day“: date comming soon.
Gabriel Skibitzki

„In the THS Academy, training, practice, and theory are combined in the best possible way. With a focus on the training of pastoral leaders, all content is coordinated with real life experiences. In addition, you will be asked and encouraged by your amazing teachers and fellow students to expand your horizon and to think big. „

Gabriel Skibitzki, THS Location Manager, Nuremberg


I often fought through things on my own. Through THS, I learned to work with others. Problems that had previously appeared like an impenetrable fortress have now lost their power. A team – properly guided – is like a relay race: everyone runs his course for themselves, but only together do they manage to get such a high speed on the track in the long run.

Christian und Melissa Tiedeke, THS graduate  2014


„What sets THS apart from other schools is the practical training during the three years. This allows you to become a pastor step by step. I have learned a lot and I am very grateful to my instructors for their investment in me!„

Thayna Zeidler, THS graduate in 2015

want to participate?


* required

It is important to us that we build a relationship of trust and common vision with you. That is why we would like to get to know you and/or your church in 2017.

A skype date would make this possible.

We would start an exploratory process to find out if you and your church would be ready to cooperate with the THS-Academy and take one or two students for three years.

We would like to see at least eight students for the first startup. We try to gather at least eight churches in a region (one church for one student). The classes will be held in a central church room, close to the other cooperating churches. The students can then drive their home church for the Thursday-Sunday practical service.
We could come to personally visit you and your church to make practical plans and steps to found the THS-Academy in your region.

We would love to hear from you! Please contact us with your thoughts!

Tom and Inga Haase


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